One of the most fundamental forms of life is algae and through millions and billions of years of evolution, it paved the way for other forms of life to flourish. Nature is the oldest and the youngest, the largest and the smallest. They hold the most basic and yet the deepest, most ancient knowledge and wisdom about life on Earth.


I want to show a glimpse into the world which our human society is becoming more and more detached from. The pieces of clothing I design will showcase the importance and beauty of several plants and animals; common ones that are often overlooked or have a stigma attached to its name and rare ones that are now threatened because of us. I want to give them a stage to bloom and a voice to speak.


'ARTISTIC NATURE' is created in homage to nature, because everything that we are today comes from it. I want to exhibit its importance in correlation with art, human life, history, behavior, and philosophy. I want more people to realise that nature does not need us, but we need nature. And without understanding and honoring our roots, we cannot grow.

FERNS Ferns are ancient plants that grew to the size of large trees whose ancestors first appeare..
IDR 1,200,000
REDWOOD FOREST Redwood tree species have been around since 240 million years ago and are currentl..
IDR 1,200,000
DREAMSTORMING We often take for granted what we have been blessed with. Our mind can be such a po..
IDR 1,200,000
MUSHROOMS We live between life and death. We recycle what has died to give life to something new...
IDR 1,600,000
RAFFLESIA The largest flower on earth, Rafflesia, grows up to 1m wide, weighs up to 11kg, and is ..
IDR 1,500,000
HONEYCOMB Bees are crucial to maintain balance in many ecosystems around the world, because they ..
IDR 2,100,000
SAGUARO CACTUS Harsh ecosystems like deserts cause the evolution of extraordinary plants and anim..
IDR 1,200,000
POLAR BEAR Polar bears are arguably the tallest and heaviest bear species; the adult males can gr..
IDR 1,200,000
TROPICAL PALMS The world’s oldest germinated seed was from the 1st century BC, discovered in the ..
IDR 520,000
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ROMANCE Romance is the seed of love. But what is love? For me, love is hoping that your flowers g..
IDR 460,000 IDR 368,000
CORAL DESERT Coral reefs are rich in colour because of algae that live in them, simultaneously pr..
IDR 2,300,000
PATCHWORK BAG For every t-shirt we make, there are about 20 grams of fabric waste. These leftover..
IDR 50,000
PATCHWORK BAG For every t-shirt we make, there are about 20 grams of fabric waste. These leftover..
IDR 70,000
PRODUCE BAG​ This is a cotton bag to substitute the single use plastic bags that you typically ge..
IDR 80,000
TISSUE BAG This is a sustainable, refillable, and practical substitute for your typical single-us..
IDR 50,000
FACE MASK Our face masks are made of selected soft and high quality fabric leftovers from the cut..
IDR 50,000