Burning Ocean

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Burning Ocean is a fashion label which was started in 2013 by Filip Suryana. We have a motto, which is: “spreading powerful messages through art and fashion.”  We provide meaningful art printed on high quality and handmade clothing. All artworks are by Filip himself who has been painting since the age of five under the guidance of his father, Yan Suryana, who is a renowned professional Indonesian painter.


We are also trying our best to become as eco-friendly and socially conscious as possible. For example: we work a lot with high quality and eco-friendly fabrics like Modal®, Micromodal®, Viscose®, and organic cotton. Our fabrics are certified by organisations such as: Lenzing, Oekotex Standard 100, Dystar, and GOTS. We use recycled paper where ever possible, such as: packaging, bags, and catalogues. All products are hand crafted in safe, clean, and fair home industries in Bali, Indonesia. We prioritise quality over quantity, and we have a very strict testing and quality control system to ensure long lasting products.


The name 'Burning Ocean' has two main foundations which we embody in our daily working practices. Firstly, it is a metaphor about reaching for our dreams. Normally people wouldn‘t think that it's possible for water to burn, especially engulfing the oceans in flames. But it is possible to achieve our dreams, even when others believe we can‘t. Secondly, it is a metaphor about the destruction of the oceans and the rest of the world. We are 'burning' it, taking what we want, and giving our trash in return. Our greed is throwing the earth‘s system off balance, that is why we strongly believe in working as ethically as we can.


We also value a traditional Balinese philosophy called `Tri Hita Karana´. The translation is roughly the "three reasons for prosperity”, which is achieved by keeping the harmony and balance with:

  1. God
  2. People
  3. Nature.



- 2016 Production Catalogue

- 2016 Collection

- 2017 Collection